Dear Friends,

Dr Irina Webster here. If you are looking for a proven reliable way to cure an eating disorder, then you have come to the right place.

And here is why

Many years ago I was a sufferer myself just like you or your loved one and I was also looking for help.

My eating disorder started when I was 13. It was probably triggered by bulling at school: I was called "fatty" very often and laughed at especially when I was at PE lesson running or doing exercises.

My parents also started to tell me that I was a bit "porky" and need to lose some weight. I remember all these comments upset me so much and I felt guilty for the way I was.

I started to hate myself

I hated my own body and wanted to become slim as soon as possible.

All through high school I had a lot of issues with my body, I didn't feel like I fitted in and I always wanted to be like everybody else and I didn't like who I was. I already had a negative view of myself being bigger, but bulling made me feel a lot worse. So basically all through high school I was just dieting, I suppose many people do.

After I left high school and went to university, then things started to get pretty bad. I started to label foods as good and bad and I refused to eat any bad food. I thought this was what every normal healthy person did. But basically over time I really began to restrict what I ate.

When I was at my worst, at my lowest, I probably would just have a cup of black coffee, I would probably be sucking on some sweets and if I really had to eat something it would probably be one apple and maybe a carrot or two. The lowest weight I got to was 41 kilos.

I had a blinding revelation

Then I had a blinding revelation that I thought I had invented. I learned that if I ate a lot but then throw up – it gave me the same affect as not eating at all. I was happy that I could now pretend to be normal, eat a lot and then just run of to the bathroom and throw it all up and I could do this over and over: I thought I was a genius.

But of course in time I realized I was having a lot of problems, always at the dentist because my teeth where being eroded away by the acid from throwing up, I was always cold, my emotions were all over the place, I could not handle stress without binging and then purging to make myself feel better. Plus more and more things came up health wise as time went by.

I thought my friends were telling me lies

It seemed like I was on a crazy swing that I could not get off. At that time when I looked in the mirror I could see just really big person standing there, but my friends were telling me I looked too thin and scrawny: I thought they were lying to me. I just felt disgusted looking at myself, I just thought I was so fat it was just disgusting and I would remember crying in front of the mirror because I hated the way I looked.

But then sometimes I could look in the mirror and I could see the bones in my body, I could see that I looked really quite ill and frail but in spite of this, to me I wasn't thin enough. I felt that I needed to be thinner, so I would alternate between starving myself and then binging and purging, I couldn't understand what was going on.

Anorexia is a "clever" disorder

You see Anorexia has the ability to distort the image you have of yourself; it is really quite a "clever" disorder because it can manipulate you and make you see what it wants you to see, not what is real.

When I was in my starving phase I lost my sensations for food. I was starving but I was so determined that I was not going to be fat, I just didn't eat because I was scared that everything I ate could put on weight: this is another lie that the anorexia was telling me. It was telling me that no matter what you put in your mouth you will gain weight instantly, that I would turn into the Goodyear blimp overnight if I ate anything. And I believed this because the thoughts were just so strong in my mind.

Binging and purging stage

Then I would enter a binging and purging phase and every time I ate something I would have to throw it up. There was a time (in my teens) when I was terrified to use toothpaste because I thought that it contained some magical sugar or magical fat and it could cause me to put on weight, hence the trips to the dentist.

The worst thing was when I starting to get afraid of drinking water because I thought water could cause me to put on weight. It was like there was a little person, or as I like to call it a little evil creature, living inside my head and it would create all these thoughts.

I didn't hear it as a voice but they were like thoughts in my mind and they didn't feel like they were mine, they felt like they were somebody else's. This I now understand to be what I term "brain loop", thoughts going around and around and never stopping.

I had no control

I could not control them, I couldn't turn them down, like a volume, I couldn't tune them out of my head. They were just constantly pounding me with all these negative thoughts, making me feel bad things about myself, making me think bad things and making me do really horrible things: in the end I thought I was going crazy.

I went through normal counseling with therapists and doctors at the time but it didn't help me. When I was a medical student I continued to diet and binge-purge at night. I understood that what I was doing was wrong but I also knew that I had no control over my behavior.

I could find no help

I consulted my professors and teachers at medical school . They offered me some sort of counseling and antidepressants, suggested extended stays at clinics and that was it.

I didn't want to give up my medical school so just tried to live with the disorder, I just focused on my studies to become a women and children doctor.

But I also continued my education on eating disorders on the side ; learning all I could about the brain and how the mind works by myself. I participated in numerous courses, seminars, workshops about the topics and I talked to many famous people about it.

I finally came up with a way to stop

Finally I started to use the principles of the brain and mind I learned and I came up with a way to stop my erratic behavior. This interesting concept is I called mindfulness (or mindful awareness) for treating eating disorders.

It sounded simple and made sense to me. I started to follow it and in a matter of weeks and for the first time in my life, I started to feel better about myself, my body and food. Mindfulness helped me to feel in control not being under the control of my anorexia-bulimia.

The Neuroplasticity Approach: Mindful Awareness

I now call it the neuroplasticity approach because science has caught up with what I did back then and proven the concept to be sound. You see Mindfulness is the calm awareness of one's body functions, feelings, content of consciousness but Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change itself and my book is about how to change the brain and it works remarkably well.

I have to confess

But I have to confess I did not share this with anyone for a long time. I was too embarrassed to admit I had an eating disorder, it was not a good look for a young doctor. It took an episode a few years ago to make me see I should share my treatment with others (see below).

But now I teach mindfulness to my patients. The results are fantastic. Mindfulness training works for nearly all the people who are willing to apply it correctly and follow the 5 steps to health.

Let me clarify something

Let me clarify right here I did not use the same old treatment methods you get from clinics or therapists, or other doctors. I used a totally different way based on the science of neuroplasticity. In fact no other information books or e-books on the Internet are like the proven methods I used.


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