What this book will do for you?

In her new book Dr Webster describes the 5 step process that is bring relief to thousands of eating disorder victims through the power of neuroplasticity that changes the way you feel, think and act.

If you want to change or help a loved one to change then read on.

What will this book do for you?

The program in this book will help you to:

Dr Irina's book is cutting edge information and the results of many years testing. Neuroplasticity is an alternative to drugs and the standard treatment methods for eating disorders.

It is a must read for both sufferers and caregivers as education is always the best policy.

This new 180 page book is not just a story book, but a full treatment program designed with you in mind.

We know that most sufferers will probably not take that last step to get help and although they may want to change, hence the visit to this site, they will never make the move: so they just keep on suffering.

If this is you then you have to realise that staying the same as you are now will only cause you more pain and suffering. Look into your heart and see if you do really want to change and stop the suffering.

If you do want to stop then I promise you the neuroplasticity approach will work if you follow the methods in the book.

If you do not want to change just yet remember when you are ready we are here for you.

Why Neuroplasticity Works

Neuroplasticity has been used for treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) by eminent scientists like: J.M Schwartz M.D and Norman Doidge M.D. just to name a few with great success.

An eating disorder is essentially a form of OCD but with extra structures built in like getting pleasure from the act of binging and purging or pleasure from starving oneself, this is why you keep failing to give up the eating disorder time and time again.

Where as OCD sufferers instead of pleasure get pain that accompanies traditional OCDs.

Dr Irina has countered this extra structure "the pleasure part" that stops so many sufferers from getting better to produce amazing results in the treatment of eating disorders and you can be the next success.

Lets look what else the book can do for you:

This book is a proven method to escape the eating disorder nightmare.

Here is what we will teach you:

  1. Believe that you can stop your bulimia disorders
    Do exercises to begin changing the way your mind works.
  2. Re- Identify
    Recognize the false nature of your bulimia disorder thoughts.
  3. Re-Symbolize
    Escape from loop thinking that feeds the bulimia disorder.
  4. Re-Direct
    Defeat recurrent thoughts that give power to the bulimia disorder.
  5. Re-Evaluate
    De-value and ignore harmful urges until they start to fade away.

Once you learn and practice these 5 steps your eating disorder will start to fade away.


"Cure Your Eating Disorder: 5 Step Program to Change Your Brain. Neuroplasticity Approach."

Price : $ 39.97 + $ 9.97 Postage


"Cure Your Eating Disorder: 5 Step Program to Change Your Brain. Neuroplasticity Approach."

Electronic Version - Instant Download.

Price : $ 37.97

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