The Main Reason Why I wrote this book?

What really put me on the road to helping others was the fact that I got in trouble from my superiors one day for trying to help an ED sufferer.

This happened when I was working in the emergency department of a hospital. It was a really busy night and this young girl came in and I was the one who happened to get her as my patient.

This girl started to tell me how she felt and about her ED. I knew instantly what I had to do to help her and so I started to explain what I had done, but of course this took a little time to do, but it did help her and she left in a much better state than she had arrived in.

I was feeling pretty good about being able to help her, as this is what doctors are supposed to do: Right!

Then I got in trouble

But then the supervisor came to me and asked me why I spent so long with that patient when there were more people waiting in the emergency room.

I explained what it was about and how I was able to help, but was astounded by the reply I got from the supervisor.

I was told to throw them out

He simply said that we can not do anything for those kind of people, and to just give them some antidepressants, refer them to a counselor and throw them out and treat real patients.

I was seeing red

Because I knew how much that girl was suffering and how much courage it had taken her to seek help and to be told just to throw those kind of people out with a handful of drugs, disgusted me. But as a junior doctor at the time I could not argue with a doctor much higher than myself.

So I started to research what I had done to fix myself again and I found out I had used what is now known as Neuroplasticity, but back then it did not have a tag to call the treatment by.

My book is the culmination

After many years of helping sufferers, my book is the culmination of my own methods and other notable researchers proven methods that form the only real treatment for Anorexia, Bulimia and eating disorders in general.


"Cure Your Eating Disorder: 5 Step Program to Change Your Brain. Neuroplasticity Approach."

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"Cure Your Eating Disorder: 5 Step Program to Change Your Brain. Neuroplasticity Approach."

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Price : $ 37.97

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